Commercial Services

We Specialize in Sewer and Drain Cleaning Services, Including:

Cleaning Your Sewer & Drain Lines with the most up-to-date, high quality, snaking and root removal equipment. We’ll even flush out the toughest blockages with our high-velocity water pressure jetting system.
Inspecting Your Sewer & Drain Lines and downspouts with video inspection cameras. These specialty cameras allow us to check for leaks, breaks or even accidentally lost or flushed items.
Replacing Sewer & Drain Lines that are broken, damaged or extensively corroded. Our professional excavation team will work quickly to bring your project to completion.

We Will Solve Your Plumbing & Drain Problems

Need plumbing and drain service in Cleveland or Northern Ohio? Call A-Z Plumbing!

A-Z Plumbing strives to constantly exceed your expectations with our services. Your plumber will arrive on time and professionally dressed. You will receive fair pricing up front with no hidden charges for late night, holiday, or Sunday appointments. We want to be your go-to plumber. Call today for a free estimate on your next project or repair, then let us take care of the rest.


Leaky plumbing is the number one reason homeowners call us. If you are experiencing a major leak, close the water shut off valve immediately then call us for an emergency repair service. Even a minor leak can quickly turn into a major disaster. Whether it’s a slowly leaking toilet or a burst pipe behind a wall, it’s important to act quickly and call A-Z Plumbing.

Leaks can cause corrosion, mold, and extensive water damage to your home or possessions. Not only that, but a faucet dripping once per second for 24 hours will waste over 5 gallons of water every single day. That’s almost 2000 gallons a year! Don’t ignore leaks when you see them, schedule an appointment today or contact our on-call emergency services.


Drain and p-trap clogs can lead to overflowing toilets, flooded basements, and other serious backups. Clogged sewer lines could cause multiple backups at once. We have the most up-to-date, high quality snaking and root removal equipment to get your household plumbing moving smoothly once again. For tough clogs, we offer High Velocity Jetting Services. Before we begin any repairs, we will explain the diagnosis and solution along with the costs associated. We are efficient and quick with our repairs, meaning you get the highest quality service without the inconvenience of a long interruption to your day.


Clogs come in a lot of varieties–hair, food, soap, grease, mineral deposits, debris, and more. For blasting out the toughest clogs, we have specialty high-pressure jetting systems that will get your pipes back to that brand-new feeling. Jetting services save you money, time, and the mess of a traditional DIY clog solution. If you’re selling your home, have a jetting service performed today to add value to your home. If you want your pipes cleaned thoroughly and clogs blasted away for good, then call A-Z Plumbing today!


High-tech video inspections mean a quicker and more accurate diagnosis of your plumbing issues. These specialty cameras allow us to check for leaks, clogs, broken pipes, and even accidentally lost or flushed items. We can inspect drains, downspouts, sewer lines, septic systems, toilets, and more. The more accurately your problem is pinpointed with our camera systems, the faster and more efficient our service will be. This saves you both time and money and can prevent future problems from arising.

Are you purchasing a home in Cleveland? Call A-Z Plumbing for a video inspection today so you really know what you’re about to buy. Are you doing a home remodel or addition? A video inspection will determine if your existing plumbing can handle the additional load. Don’t hesitate, schedule your video inspection today!


Many plumbing repairs only require replacing or fixing a small section of pipes. In a full re-pipe, your entire plumbing system from the top floor to the crawl space will be replaced. If your pipes are discolored or leaking, and producing low water pressure or a metallic taste, your home needs a residential re-pipe. While this process can be labor-intensive and time-consuming, our professional excavation team will work quickly to bring your project to completion. Completing this service today means fixing your chronic problems before they become major hazards, which will save time and money down the road. A-Z Plumbing is the number one choice in Cleveland and Medina county for residential re-piping.


Maybe you’re upgrading your faucet hardware, installing a new toilet, or jumping into a complete kitchen and bathroom makeover. Whatever it is, A-Z Plumbing is here to help. We can install fixtures and appliances such as faucets, sinks, disposals, dishwashers, toilets, showers, tubs, and water heaters. Our staff is familiar with installation practices for every major brand of appliances. Whether you choose to replace one fixture or all of them, A-Z Plumbing will be on time, professionally dressed, and perform an efficient and thorough service so you can enjoy your new kitchen and bath sooner. While we’re around, have us give you a free estimate for any additional upgrades you may be thinking of.


Everyone knows that prevention is the best medicine and it’s no different for your plumbing. We offer a variety of preventative maintenance services to keep your home’s plumbing running smoothly for years to come.


A grease trap stops solids, fats, greases, and oils from heading down your drain and into the sewers and water treatment plant. Installation can reduce the chance of clogged pipes or sewer lines, but only if it is maintained properly. A-Z Plumbing has the best plumbers in Cleveland for grease trap repair or maintenance.


The importance of winterizing pipes in the Cleveland and Northern Ohio area goes without saying. Disconnecting lines that will no longer be in use and keeping the house temp above 60 at all times will help prevent damage, but pipes in crawl spaces, unheated garages, and basements need more attention. A-Z Plumbing offers pipe wrapping and insulation to keep your pipes blizzard-proof.


A backwater valve keeps water and sewage that has left the house from re-entering. During heavy rainfall, the city sewer lines may not be able to handle the increased volume which means houses tied to the storm lines may begin flooding. If you don’t have a backwater valve or you need repairs, call A-Z Plumbing today.

We install, and/or repair, and/or replace the following:

  • Faucets
  • Sinks
  • Water Heaters
  • Toilets
  • Disposers
  • Showers & Bathrooms
  • Dishwashers
  • Water Lines
  • Gas Lines
A-Z Plumbing offers scheduling services for property owners with tenants. Simply call our office, provide us with your tenant’s contact information and we will take the headache out of scheduling the plumbing services your property needs!. Click Here to Enter Property Location & Tenant Information.