It happens to the best of us. Everyone is prone to a clogged toilet in Cleveland. It begins overflowing from the toilet bowl, pouring onto the floor. The terror of water flooding everywhere can be overwhelming. One should always think quickly and reach for the water shutoff valve then gather towels to clean up the mess.

If your toilet is clogged or there is another issue, our plumbers will remedy the problem quickly. We will keep your facilities in excellent condition and it is our job to maintain your high expectations. If you have any questions about a repair or need a new toilet installed properly, do not hesitate to schedule a service. It may be necessary to clean the pipes out using High Velocity Jetting Services.

We understand a clogged toilet is frustrating and inconvenient. Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one. According to an  AWWARF study, the average person flushes a toilet 5 times per day. This survey would indicate that the average person has 1.5 “brown” flushes per day. If you are looking at this page, it might be too late, but this is a great article on what to not flush down the toilet. Regardless of whether you flushed too much toilet paper or if you put something in the toilet that doesn’t belong, we won’t judge. We have 24/7 support and work around the clock to get your home or office back to normal.

A-Z Plumbing is a top choice in helping Northeast Ohio homeowners. Our experienced professionals offer years of experience, and work to enhance every plumbing detail in your home. Contact us to service or repair your current toilet, or install a new one if necessary.

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