Faucets and Sinks can revamp any home in Northeast Ohio. This could include repair of a leak, broken faucet, upgrading a faucet through replacement parts or handle removal, or installing a new faucet or sink entirely. A-Z Plumbing specializes in all aspects of faucet and sink installation and repair.

Whether you are seeking to improve your bathroom or kitchen with a new faucet or have a leaky one needing a speedy repair, our crew will happily assist you. We have several faucets for you to choose from, so finding the right one for your home will be a painless and simple task.

If your sink keeps dripping, it means more than an annoying dripping sound in your home. Precious water is wasting away, impact your home’s efficiency and your water bill. Our local experts will quickly and efficiently fix and repair your faucet or sink will make that drip go away instantly.  

We also service indoor and outdoor faucets and taps. Finished winterizing water lines? Always dreamed of an outdoor faucet for your garden? Schedule a service today for complete indoor and outdoor water faucet installations and maintenance for residential plumbing and repairs in Cleveland.