A rotten egg smell around your home and gas-powered appliances functioning improperly are common symptoms of a leak in your gas lines in Cleveland. If you notice either of these issues, leave the building and call emergency services immediately.  

Natural gas contains a sulfur additive to help people identify gas leaks by smell. Gas leaks release dangerous chemicals and cause carbon monoxide poisoning. It may lead to gas line explosions that can blow up your entire home by the flip of a light switch.

Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, which is caused by burning natural gas, include lightheadedness, hallucinations, vomiting and loss of consciousness. Carbon monoxide is typically vented out of a house safely by natural gas–burning systems but leaks into the home in rare situations.

Make sure gas lines to appliances have proper installation and repair to locate gas line issues before they become detrimental to your Northeast Ohio home and your health. Having our professionals on the job will ensure your gas line is installed properly and kept in the best possible shape.

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