CCTV camera, lasso used to rescue pet trapped in heat duct.

Kitten Rescued from drain

On a day known for independence, a kitten trapped in a heat duct was pulled to freedom by a quick-thinking plumber.

Dakota Tomon, a technician for A-Z Plumbing & Drain Service of Cleveland, Ohio, used a MyTana MY30 camera to locate the pet, which had wandered into the opening July Fourth.

The kitten’s owner had called three HVAC contractors and animal control, but was told they couldn’t help.

“When she called, I said we could use the camera and put it in the ducts,” says Rachel Umansky, co-owner of the plumbing company.

“Her son was playing with the kitty in a second-story bedroom and the grate on the heating duct was open or came off and the cat fell in.”

The kitten was located about 10 feet down from the opening and began to retreat when it saw the camera.

Not wanting the animal to go any farther, Tomon fashioned a small lasso, dropped it around the cat’s head and arms and pulled it to safety.

The rescue was the second for the kitten, which had been adopted from a local shelter.

Umansky and her husband, Eitan, started their business 10 years ago after moving from Florida. The company specializes in residential and commercial service work, including drain cleaning, pipe locating, faucet, sink, toilet and water heater installation and repair.

See the rescue video filmed by A-Z trainee Sean Johnson:

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